Prominet cancer symptoms app

The ambition for the iOS and Android apps with their accompanying web-based 'doctor's dashboard' was to improve relationships and responsiveness between doctors and patients. Patients can log their symptoms daily, giving doctors instant, across the board insight into their patients' wellbeing. This enables doctors to intelligently prioritise.

Prominet - Patient cancer symptoms diary

I was asked to work with a legacy logo (see top of phone) but I needed to flesh out a 'brand world' to bring the business and the app to life! So starting with visual exploration, I created a fresh, derivitive colour palette, iconography and characters. Doctor and patient interviews helped create the optimum interfaces for the two respective parties.

App screenshot - choose your gender
App screenshot - choose your cancer type
App screenshot - choose the treatment you are receiving
App screenshot - check if today is the first day of treatment

Shown above are some initial screens a user would see when commencing use of the app. Deliberately simple, one step actions, encourage confidence through ease of comprehension.

Information architecture flow map of the Prominet app

This flow diagram evolved over many iterations, conversations and lot of testing, you can see little thumbnails from the app to easily help viewing at a glance.

Rough workings for the app UI

An example of a 'during project' ideation process into harmonizing colour, iconography and typography together. The outcome was a solid direction to implement across the app.

This video shows the Prominet doctors portal; how they would monitor patients during cancer treatment and how they can get instant insight into patients symptoms. Also shown are various other options such as adding cancer types, treatments, doctors and viewing patient information at a glance and in granularity.

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