Origami Energy

When I met Origami they were a young start-up with innovative technology, products and ideas ‐ their excitement was infectious! They were ready to disrupt the energy sector but they needed a suitable visual language and web presence to achieve these pioneering business objectives.

Origami Energy website homepage

The image on the homepage was taken by a Japanese photographer who stayed up all night on Mt. Fuji, Japan, watching and waiting for particular cloud and light movements. The image felt beautiful, other-worldy, energetic and mesmerising – I thought it embodied the pioneering, passion of Origami Energy perfectly.

Origami - New iconography

Above are a selection of the icons I designed for Origami using stronger line weights and simpler shaping than their previous iconography. The simple, bold approach echoed their bold technical endeavours.

Origami Energy website design

Some of the UI for their mobile website. Menu, 1st and 2nd levels, along with an animated accordian menu giving insight to how their technology works.

Origami Energy main promo panels

Shown here are panels from the homepage highlighting the three core ways Origami Energy can deliver value to businesses.

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