When I met the owners of this construction business their brand and website needed 'levelling up'. Their vision was to exclusively deliver services to the luxury end of the market and needed a high-end look and feel to reflect this shift in direction.

Disciplines undertaken

Art DirectionBrandIAUX/UI
Clarisford website on a laptop

For the website I wanted the wonderful work of Clarisford to be front and center. Therefore a central consideration was, 'How to convey elegance, with the smallest amount of user interface, without a sacrifice in user experience?'.

Photography: My lovely friend, Colin Streater

Clarisford logo

The final Clarisford logo. Their high-end finish and attention to detail is communicated through the ligature connecting the 'd' to the 'i'. More detail further down.

Clarisford website Clarisford website residence navigation close-up

Residence navigation

  1. Image selection - Shows active image for the residence and image amount.
  2. Property detail - Outlines where this residence is.
  3. Residence selection - Access to all residences.
  4. Image & residence navigation - A user can cycle through every image of every residence sequentially.
Clarisford logo development

Shown here are some images from an initial client presentation, highlighting problem areas of their current logotype and benefits of the new logo. They also wanted the new logo to 'nod' to the old logo too.

Clarisford compiment slip and letterhead

The letterhead and compliment slip embody classic elegance.

Clarisford business card design

The business cards were white foiled (Foilco 610) on Curious Matter, Blank Truffle. I think they're beautiful! Given they're almost 8 years old, pretty timeless too.

We were looking for someone to pay as much attention to detail in rebranding and creating our website as they would if it was their own and we were not disappointed

Colin Varley – Owner

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