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Awake is a 'Gym for the soul', a positive-spirited self-help organisation who enlightens users of their own unique potential to heal and help themselves through tailored meditations, workbooks and webinars.

Awake - Logo design xxx The Awake Journey Process UI design

The Awake Journeys. I designed the user interface and the artwork; each of these journeys facilitate change and self-development through learning, understanding and healing.

The Awake Journey Process UI design

Each 'Awake Journey' consistented of these four component parts despite each journey having its own unique content and therapies. This, and all responsive web components I designed, have buttons that have gorgeous gradient animations on hover.

The Awake Journey Process UI design

I suggested we had a glossary of terms and therapies to help people understand more about the benefits and therapies, this would also be helpful from an SEO perspective.

The Awake Journey Process UI design

The glossary navigation demonstrates interaction here demonstrates navigating through various therapy types.

Score application - Internet traffic lines illustration

The glossary was accessed by the footer of each of the website pages, a constant helper and educator about the therapies that could help a user.

Score application user interface artwork combined with Internet traffic lines

You can see here how the journey artwork integrates into the wider body of the website along with showing other required user interface elements.

Promotional box and login and sign up interface boxes

A panel from the promotional website encourages users to 'find out what their savings could be' by using Score. Underneath, a couple of sign-up panel examples.

xxx xxx

Add animation code and transitions. Glossary motion and navigation video. Brand animations.

James is a talented and creative designer. In an industry where many service providers lack integrity and transparency, James is a breath of fresh air. He genuinely cares about the work he does and the people he works with. As a designer he delivers focused, detailed work which is always based around the needs of the client. Not only is he talented, but he’s also one of the good guys. I would recommend James in a heart beat.

Thomas van Berckel – Awake Co-founder

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